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Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

As efforts towards environmental protection get more pronounced, more people are transitioning from regular building materials to those that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. This is why homes today have many eco-friendly features like making use of recycled paper, aluminum, light timers, motion sensitive lights and thermostats that go off when nobody is home, water saving shower heads, faucets and so on.

If you are one of those people that care about the environment, here are some green options that you can ask your roofing contractor in Longwood to implement for you during your next home building project or roof replacement.

1. Cool roofs

These are fast growing in popularity and are currently the fastest growing sector when it comes to roofing today. Cool roof materials are made up of a mixture of white gravel infused with white glue which have a high heat reflection property. Cool roofs work by greatly lowering the amount of heat that is transferred to the home. This means you spend less on air conditioning and save on your electricity bills.

2. Wood shingles

Wood roofs are slowly becoming fashionable again, especially because of their durability and ease of recycling. You can easily replace wood shingles whenever they need to be repaired with new ones that are made from reclaimed wood. This means that you can use the same wooden roof for up to 20 years and maintain it without affecting the environment negatively or contributing to deforestation of the world’s forest resources.

3. Metal roofs

You can have eco-friendly metal roofs from recycled and reused metals. Metal roofs are extremely durable with a lifespan of over 50 years. They also reflect heat efficiently and bring down the cost of electricity for cooling. You can even find metal roofing materials that are coated with a special substance to give it the same look as granite. By overlaying it with composite shingles, you get the look of granite with the benefits of a green eco-friendly roof option. This is why they are a popular choice with most roofing contractors in Longwood.

4. Clay roofing materials

One of the biggest advantages of clay roofing tiles is that they can be 100% recyclable. Clay tiles are extremely popular in hot regions such as deserts because of their high level of heat reflection and durability. By using clay tiles, you can save on your electricity costs because of the good insulation capacity of clay tiles both in hot and cold weather. This makes it a good choice for many home owners who are looking to get that rustic look of clay and the eco-friendliness of clay tiles.

5. Solar materials

Photovoltaic cells are now being integrated into roofing sheets made of shingles and metal so that you can generate part of your own electricity during the day for use later. While solar panels are still bulky and quite expensive, the long-term savings are still significant enough for them to be a choice for roofing contractors in Longwood.