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Three Reasons to Carry Out a Post Construction Cleanup

Three Reasons to Carry Out a Post Construction Cleanup

Three Reasons to Carry Out a Post Construction Cleanup

If you have just finished a major construction, remodeling, installation or addition project carried out by a contractor in Longwood, your home is most likely going to need a post construction cleanup. Construction projects usually have a way of causing the entire space to be covered with dust and debris. If you only did a surface cleanup, you could still have some pollutants in the air which may be harmful to your health.

So, if your contractor in Longwood has done a sweep, make sure you do not leave it at that. Hire them again if necessary for a deep post-construction cleanup.

Below are three important reasons to do a post-construction cleanup:

1. You have to get rid of the dust

Construction projects cause a lot of dust from the different activities involved in the project. Framing, cutting of wood, all produce dust which cannot be cleaned with a rag. You need to get a professional to use specialized dust-removing equipment to trap and get the dust removed.

2. You have to purify the air

Sawing of wood, wall demolition, and painting are activities that compromise the quality of air in your living space. Harmful gases are released in the process, and there is usually enough microscopic particles to cover the whole area. Even if your contractor in Longwood does the standard cleaning up after the project, it is often not enough. It is best to hire a restoration and remediation contractor in Longwood such as Dehlinger Contractors to clean your home for you.

3. You have to dehumidify

If the finished project involved water or there was a lot of water spillage during the project, you should include dehumidification in your cleanup plans so that you can restore your home and avoid a bigger problem such as mold growth.

Make sure you take the health of your family, tenants or employees as a priority. Deep cleaning after a construction project is the most important final step that must done. Make sure that your contractor in Longwood gets rid of dust and debris from every corner of your home using advanced vacuums and cleaning equipment.

Pre-construction preparation can also help reduce the dust and debris. Listed below are some of the things you can do to minimize the mess your project will create.

  • Use plastic sheets to seal off construction areas.
  • Cover the floors with sheets or tarps.
  • Use dust filtration fans.
  • Create pathways using canvas tarp from the front door to the construction area.
  • Cover furniture with plastic covers.
  • Hire professional and experienced contractors in Longwood.

Whether you are still planning an upcoming construction project or you are in the middle of it, and you need contractors in Longwood, Dehlinger Contractors can help you execute the project and even help with the post construction clean up. Put a call through today to get an estimate.