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Choosing Roofing Materials Based on Your Home’s Architectural Style

Choosing Roofing Materials Based on Your Home’s Architectural Style

Choosing Roofing Materials Based on Your Home’s Architectural Style

Choosing Roofing Materials Based on Your Home’s Architectural Style

You may have fallen in love with your home when house shopping because of its architectural style. It is easy to enhance the look of your home with a new roof. Here are some popular home styles in the Central Florida area.  You may want to talk to a roofing contractor in Longwood, like Dehlinger, about installing one on your home.

Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival architecture is one of the most popular housing styles across the United States. Builders started constructing these homes about 1870 and continued through the early 1940s. Many feature side-gable roofs, but you will also barn-like gambrel roofs with dormers and hip roofs on these homes. An architectural asphalt roof looks outstanding on top of these homes.


The huge eaves on these homes are well suited to building a porch on the front of these homes. Most have low-pitched gable-style roofs with broad overhangs that may be perfect for soffit vents. If your home has lots of stonework, then consider stone shingles or you may want to go with a slate roof if your structure is strong enough to support its weight.


Construction workers built many of the earliest homes in the Victorian style. They constructed the earliest of these homes about 1840, and they remained a popular choice until about 1900. Many of these homes had Mansard-style roofs, but architects designed others with tall round towers and other roof styles. If you live in one of these homes, then consider going with a wood tile or clay roof if you want to stay within the period. You may also want to consider accentuating the architectural features of the roof by using copper roofing.


Addison Mizner was one of the first architects to recognize the benefits of the Mediterranean-style home in Florida. Unlike Mediterranean-Italian style homes, most of these homes built in Central Florida have low-pitched roofs. These homes look great with tile roofs because the roof is often one of the first elements to be noticed in this style of architecture. You can choose from a variety of tile roof shapes, so one is probably perfect for your home.


As many people returned from World War II, the Ranch-style became very popular because workers could construct them in a hurry at a reasonable cost. Long side gable roofs are very popular on these homes. These homes are predecessors to Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie-style homes, but they also draw on many natural elements to blend into their background. Therefore, you may want to consider a shake or tile roof depending on your location.

It does not matter if you decide to stay with the traditional style of roof for your home or choose one of your liking. There is one decision that is very easy when looking for roofing contractors in Longwood. Hire Dehlinger to install your new roof at a reasonable price.