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Your Guide to Constructing a Homeowners Association Outdoor Park

Your Guide to Constructing a Homeowners Association Outdoor Park

Your Guide to Constructing a Homeowners Association Outdoor Park

A park is an important feature maintained by many homeowners' associations. If you are part of one that is considering adding a new outdoor play area, then consider implementing this guide to make sure that the project is successful.

Gather Community Input

The park should belong to everyone in your association, so take time to discover what your members want in their park. You may want to start by developing a survey and asking members about what they want to see in the park. For example, some associations may want a park with a large cooking area while others may want an all-inclusive playground. Still, others may want an area where their dogs can play with others in the association. Host a meeting to discuss the results. This process allows people to feel like they are a shareholder in all decisions that are being made.


Form a committee to determine a budget for the park. Some associations already have money set aside for improvement projects like this while others will need to start fundraising efforts. Part of the committee’s job may be to look for outside resources that can help fund the project. Depending on how the project is structured, there may be state grants available that may help fund the project.

Goal Setting

The next step is to choose a team of general contractors in Longwood who can help you set specific goals for the project. They can bring ideas to the table of what they have done for other homeowner's associations. While you may want to have a few bids on the project, one contractor that you will want to make sure to put on your list is Dehlinger. Their experience is top notch and anyone who has ever worked with them is highly pleased with the quality and timeliness of their projects.


Once you have finalized plans, then it is time to step back and let the contractor do their job. During this time, establish a committee to see that the playground equipment and other park equipment is maintained on a regular basis. This ensures that if there are any questions, experts can be consulted while the equipment is being installed. It is not unusual to need permits from the city to build these areas, so make sure that proper permits are obtained or authorize your contractor to do so.


The final step of creating your homeowner association's park is to plan a celebration allowing everyone to enjoy its completion. You will want to invite the contractor to say a few words during the party. You will also want to make sure that you serve plenty of delicious food during the event.

Contact Dehlinger, expert contractors in Longwood about building parks for your homeowner's association. They can be reached at (407) 636-9322.