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Four Steps to Repair a Roof Leak

Four Steps to Repair a Roof Leak

Four Steps to Repair a Roof Leak

By the time you notice a roof leak, your roof has likely been suffering from damage for an extensive period of time.  This means the leak needs to be repaired immediately.  Most homeowners do not notice the leak until it has become severe enough to damage the interior of the home.  A roofing contractor in Longwood will be able to inspect your roof and do the necessary repairs in a timely manner.  This way, you'll be sure the leak is fixed the first time.  There are a few steps you should take to repair your roof leaks.

Find the Source

When you notice any water marks appearing on the ceilings of your home, this indicates that a leak is somewhere above it.  You will immediately want to check for roof damage above the water marks.  Trace the leak back to the source by going into your attic space and looking for more water stains or mold growth.  You will also want to trace this issue to the exterior of your home.  If your roof is sloped, look closely at the area directly above the water stains to detect the source of the leak.

Inspect for Other Issues

One you detect the water leak, you will also want to check the rest of the roof for any widespread issues.  This will tell you if the entire structure of your roof is compromised or if it is only a minor repair.  Look for curled, cracked, or missing shingles around the site of the leak.  If you notice many shingles are missing or cracked, you may have widespread issues that require extensive repairs or even replacements.  This will require you to call a professional roofing company for roof repair in Daytona.

Reattach Curled Shingles

When you notice that only a few shingles have become curled or damaged, you will want to straighten them out and reattach them.  This is an easy fix for most homeowners, and it should prevent any further leaking from occurring.  Once you smooth out the curled edges of the shingle, use a caulking gun to apply roof sealant under the corners.  The roof sealant and roof cement will help to secure the corners of the shingle and prevent any further curling.  

Seal Cracks

If you notice a shingle with a clean tear, you do not need to replace the entire thing.  Instead, you can apply roof sealant to seal any cracks and prevent water from entering.  You will want to apply two layers of roof sealant in order to ensure the crack is properly filled.  Apply the sealant to the area underneath the crack in the shingle and also the area above the crack in the shingle.  This will prevent water from entering through the crack.

These are the steps to take in order to properly repair a roof leak once you notice any damage to your roof.  Contact our roofing contractor in Longwood for professional and quality roofing services.  We will repair your roof leak and have your home back to normal in no time.