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Four Preventative Roof Maintenance Tasks You Need This Summer

Four Preventative Roof Maintenance Tasks You Need This Summer

Four Preventative Roof Maintenance Tasks You Need This Summer

Are you concerned that your roof will not withstand the extreme winds and heavy rains of a hurricane?  Do you worry that your roof is decreasing the efficiency of your home during the hot summer temperatures?  When you are concerned that your roof may not be holding up to the weather and protecting your home, you should trust our roofers in Longwood.  We will come out and perform some basic maintenance to see if there are any issues or repairs that need to be done.  Also, you will want to perform this preventative maintenance each year to keep your roof in great shape over time.

Replace or Patch Missing Shingles

Shingles can fly away during times of heavy wind or they can be damaged by ice during the winter.  When you have a few missing shingles, it may only produce an eyesore that you are just tired of looking at.  However, when you have many missing shingles, you will want to repair this issue soon.  It could indicate a poor installation technique that can continue to persist.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters can prevent water from pooling on your rooftop or improperly draining down your siding.  When your gutters are clogged, it can cause issues that may leave your roof sagging under the heavy water that has been building up when there are times of heavy rainfall.  It can also compromise the structural integrity of your foundation by not draining away from your home

Get an Inspection

Professional roofers in Longwood are trained to recognize issues that many homeowners would never spot.  For this reason, you should actually aim to have a roof inspection every year, especially when you live in areas that survive through extremely high temperatures.  These professionals can come out to your home and get up close and personal to the issues so they can diagnose and fix any problems.  It is often unsafe for homeowners to take care of roofing issues themselves.

Treat Mold and Mildew Problems

The roof is the first line of defense against the elements, but this means that it may incur some wear and tear over the years.  If you have any water that builds up on your roof and never fully evaporates, it can cause mold and mildew to start growing.  These problems can be eradicated quickly with the right cleaning solutions and preventative measures, but you will want to tackle them as soon as you can.  When you ignore these issues, they can eventually cause rotting issues that will degrade the strength of your building materials.

These are four important maintenance tasks that you need to perform to keep your roof in good condition.  When you do preventative care, you avoid having to pay for extensive repairs or damages that could have been prevented.  If you are looking for quality roofers in Longwood, contact Dehlinger Construction to hear more about our serves today.