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How to Strengthen Your Florida Roof to Prevent Weather Damage

How to Strengthen Your Florida Roof to Prevent Weather Damage

How to Strengthen Your Florida Roof to Prevent Weather Damage

Many Florida homeowners have to make adjustments to keep their houses and property safe during hurricane season.  These preparations involve understand the types of damages that occur when strong winds, heavy rains, and potential flooding risks head their direction, which occur frequently in the months between June and November.  One of the most susceptible structures in your home is your roof, as it provides defense against the weather.  As a roofing contractor in Longwood, we help many homeowners prevent damage or restore their roofs after a storm.  There are a few ways that you can strengthen your roof to prevent weather damage during the summer.

Install a Metal Roof

If you are looking for a durable and strong roof material, you will want to choose metal.  Metal roofs can protect your home against strong winds of speeds up to 140 miles per hour.  Although metal roofs are a more expensive option, they require less maintenance over their lifetime, and they last much longer than other traditional roofs.  Metal roofs have a lifespan of over 50 years, which means you may never have to replace your roof again.  

Use Steel Hurricane Clips

To add additional protection on your roof, you can install hurricane ties that will bind the trusses of your roof to the interior walls of your home.   In the event of strong winds, the roof will also be anchored to the rest of the home, making it much more difficult to damage.  By installing these steel hurricane clips, you encourage the foundation to help out in the protection against strong gusts of winds that will usually damage your roof.

Use Wind-Resistant Shingles

Another option that is popular among Florida homeowners is the use of wind-resistant shingles.  There are different classes of wind-resistant shingles that indicate the wind speeds that they are capable of withstanding.  Compare prices and do your research to ensure that you are choosing the right material for your home.  Fiberglass shingles, for example, are known to be sturdy, less likely to break, and less likely to warp under warm temperatures, heavy rains, and strong winds.

Inspect Your Roof

Before hurricane season, you will want to have a professional roofing contractor in Longwood come out and inspect your roof.  Have them inspect both the exterior structure and the interior spaces of the roofline to ensure that it is fully functioning.  Make any necessary repairs that you need to before hurricane season, and you can prevent damage from becoming worse during the wind storm.

These are a few simple tasks you can do to prevent extensive roof damage.  By being proactive and taking the right steps before hurricane season, you can minimize the damage that occurs on your roof, and to your entire property when a storm heads your direction.  Contact our professional roofing contractor in Longwood to have your roof inspected today.